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  • Physical protection

    Security services can give you a peace of mind, confidence, and the feeling of being protected, especially considering the fact that the modern security services are available round the clock.
  • Centralized security control

    Security Alarm Systems are designed to inform location owners and security officers of the fact of an attempted unauthorized access. Autonomous security alarm systems are equipped with powerful sirens that are capable of chasing perpetrators away.
  • The fire alarm system

    A fire alarm system is a complex of technical means that serve to identify the presence of smoke in the air and the source of fire in a timely fashion. Most of protected locations require a fire alarm system.
  • Security advices

    Security is an important part of our everyday lives both at home and at work. We protect our family, and possessions at home. We also have an obligation to protect our colleagues, and the Organization’s assets at the office.
  • Engineering and installation

    We will install every Security System for uncompromising protection, as well as convenience and ease-of-use, with a deep understanding of Burglar Alarm technology.
  • Cargo security

    Modern commercial operations are impossible without using transportation vehicles. From time to time every company faces the need to transport cargo and valuables, even if it is not a shipping company.
  • Alarm button

    Also you may to install a discrete alarm button, a fire alarm system, water leak and humidity control sensors, gas analyzers, and perimeter control sensors.
  • Video surveillance

    Today, video surveillance is the principal source of information that proves the fact of a criminal offence. Depending on the equipment used, video surveillance can be digital or analogue. The video surveillance process requires video surveillance cameras, video signal processing devices, video recording equipment, and monitors.

Customs Broker Services

The company offers the following services:

  • Declaration of goods and vehicles ,including the informational method of declaration
  • Presentation of goods at the request of the customs authorities
  • Presentation of the documents accompanying the goods to the customs.
  • Payment of the customs duties or ensurance of their payment (at the client's choice or under the contract).
  • Other customs operation of mediation.



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