Special offer for the holiday

If you’ll install the security system or anti-fire system in your house or office, you will take the alarm button free and you can go with your family on a holiday without any worries

Anti-crisis discounts on protection of objects

  • At the order security services to more than 3 post of a discount – 10 %
  • At the order security services to more than 10 security post discount – 15 %
  • At the order security services for 15 or more receive a discount security post – 20 %

Professional design of the security system

We offer design and installation services and invite to cooperation construction companies, installation companies and security companies. Also we offer discounts and bonus programs.

Customs Broker Services

The company offers the following services:

  • Declaration of goods and vehicles ,including the informational method of declaration
  • Presentation of goods at the request of the customs authorities
  • Presentation of the documents accompanying the goods to the customs.
  • Payment of the customs duties or ensurance of their payment (at the client's choice or under the contract).
  • Other customs operation of mediation.



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