Physical protection

  • The armed and unarmed protection of  the objects 
  • Protection of cultural  events
  • Cashing services
  • Bodyguard
  • The escort
  • Cargo security

Many people used to believe that security services were the fashion rather than anything else. Today they are demanded by reality itself. Security services can give you a peace of mind, confidence, and the feeling of being protected, especially considering the fact that the modern security services are available round the clock. Many people wish to guard not only themselves, but also their property and business, that is why they choose to benefit from the Location Security Service. Location Security implies, first and foremost, security of personnel and administration, as well as integrity of tangible property. Our company ensures security of locations regardless of their complexity, including offices, warehouses, stores, residential buildings, adjacent territories, etc. Our specialists design individual security systems for each specific facility while taking into account such factors as:

  • Location in the city (settlement, forest, etc.);
  • Proximity to other structures;
  • Number of staff working at the location;
  • Staff working hours;
  • Nature of the firm’s business and peculiarities of its interaction with the clients accounted for there by.

Armed Guarding of Locations ensures not only the safety of personnel in their workplaces, but it also ensures normal operation of the facility, integrity of the tangible property located within the secured area, the procedure for and control over delivery and removal of objects, etc. In addition, armed protection establishes a pass-based admission regime to prevent undesirable visits to the location. It is also important that guarding of workplaces and residences significantly enhances the safety of the organization's leaders and improves the operation efficiency of their personal security officers. Another advantage is accounted for by the possibility to protect the facility and the property located on its premises from fire or extinguish it promptly if it does occur. 

Our security officers control the access to the territory of the venue, debar unauthorized individuals from accessing it, and prevent illegal activities, such as infliction of damage, theft of property, terrorist attacks, and vandalism. The location can be guarded by armed or unarmed security officers. Upon obtaining a new account our consultants develop a location security concept and a territory guarding plan taking into account individual peculiarities of the facility and its territory and suggest the following security measures to the client:

  • Patrolling of the territory (perimeter of the building, warehouse, etc.);
  • Installation of video surveillance, perimeter security, and access control systems;
  • Other activities designed to ensure security of the location;
  • Personal guarding of the client's executives.

The Armed Guarding service has been mentioned specially. This service is provided by professional security officers who are licensed to bear weapons and ready for physical and armed combat and extreme situations. Our armed security officers are well trained to make efficient use of a variety of weapons and are psychologically and morally fit. Our professional armed security officers are capable of protecting one or several persons. They can also ensure order at mass events, deploy a pass-based admission regime, help avoid undesirable visits, and establish control over the entire territory of the protected facility.