Centralized security control

  • The security alarm system 
  • Protection of apartments
  • Alarm button

Security Alarm Systems are designed to inform location owners and security officers of the fact of an attempted unauthorized access. Autonomous security alarm systems are equipped with powerful sirens that are capable of chasing perpetrators away. If a security alarm system is connected to a centralized security control system its efficiency is considerably higher. 

Any security alarm system consists of a set of sensors of various types (contact, volumetric, vibration, etc.), a central system controller that processes incoming data, notification devices (sirens, stroboscopic flashlights, etc.), and a control panel, all of which can be easily installed inside the premises. By the way, a security alarm system can warn the client of an unauthorized access attempt by calling his designated telephone number.

Security alarm systems tend to be versatile. They can be connected to water leak sensors, gas analyzers (set to detect methane, СО, etc.), as well as actuators set to shut down the gas and water supply, etc. The system can send information not only via radio channels or telephone lines, but also in the form of SMS-messages (if connected to a GSM-communicator).

If the security alarm system is connected to a GSM-communicator, the client can use his mobile telephone to exercise audio control over the premises or remotely manage the system by sending his commands thereto in the form of SMS-messages (to turn the system or actuators on and off, etc.).

Coupling a security alarm system with a SmokeLoak device improves its overall protective capacity. Within a matter of a few seconds this device fills the protected premises with thick smoke and maintains its density at a level that visually disorientates the perpetrator. 

Installation of automatic security alarm systems improves the overall security level of residential, warehousing, and production facilities, as well as stores and offices.