Cargo security

Modern commercial operations are impossible without using transportation vehicles. From time to time every company faces the need to transport cargo and valuables, even if it is not a shipping company. Any specialist will tell you that vehicles, cargo, passengers, and drivers are most vulnerable when they are on the move. Unpleasant events, such as losses of documents, money, or property, can lead to significant corporate losses.

„DELTA FORŢA” offers the cargo security service which entails the agency's  security officers escorting freights as they travel using various transportation means within the Russian Federation. It is common knowledge that commercial and entrepreneurial operations are impossible without using transportation and/or shipping various freights and valuables. The client's cargo is escorted by well-trained and experienced personnel. Armed security officers guard the cargo throughout its entire shipping route. In addition to weapons the cargo security escort group is equipped with special security means and communication devices (radios, mobile telephones, etc.). The „DELTA FORŢA” operative headquarters receives geographic location information from the cargo security escort group round the clock. An optimal route needs to be identified to ensure that cargo is escorted efficiently and safely. Cargo security also requires collecting additional information about the shipping route, such as the road police posts, mechanic shops, residential areas, etc. 

You can execute a long-term service agreement with „DELTA FORŢA” or order a one-time service depending on your cargo security needs. The number of cargo security officers and their equipment are specified individually in the contract.