Video surveillance

Today, video surveillance is an integral part of any security system.  Video surveillance systems are not only able to record video, but they also can programme the response of the security system to a variety of situations. ”DELTA FORŢA” provides video surveillance services, among many others. 

Today, video surveillance is the principal source of information that proves the fact of a criminal offence. Depending on the equipment used, video surveillance can be digital or analogue. The video surveillance process requires video surveillance cameras, video signal processing devices, video recording equipment, and monitors. Different video signal processing devices (video recorders, squarers, multiplexers) support different numbers of video surveillance cameras. The number of hours of video and audio information that a video surveillance system can record depends on its composition and operation mode. Video surveillance systems use different types of video surveillance cameras depending on exterior conditions and facility types: miniature video surveillance cameras, spy-hole video surveillance cameras, dust- and moisture-proof video surveillance cameras, etc. The advantages of video surveillance systems include the possibility to choose additional functions: alarm-induced start of recording, time-delayed start of recording, computer-managed operation, archiving and transmission of data over the Internet, infrared lighting, remote control, freeze-frame, etc. Large-scale video surveillance systems may require an additional control panel for the video surveillance cameras, as well as printers, recorders, etc. The parameters, functionality, and composition of the video surveillance system depend, as a rule, on the client's requirements that our company is prepared to fully meet. 

Video surveillance systems can be installed at small, as well as large facilities. Furthermore, video surveillance systems can be integrated with the security and fire alarm systems.