1. Our agency is a community of professionals who possess a great practical operational experience. We have a strict attitude towards personnel selection. All employees have excellent physical and intellectual capacities. Energy and communicability – these are  additional attributes which characterize our specialists. We take care that in  the work process, our staff not only maintained their qualification, but to gain new and better skills , and for this, regulary, we organize trainings and competitions. The best experts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Special services are working with our personal and acquainting it with the new methods and experiences of work. 
  2. The price of our services are lower, than the average rates of the market of the security services. We managed to achieve this goal by extending our directives of activity.
  3. We have an individual complex approach to each our client in particularity. We identify the client's requirements and desires at the initial stage of the discussion with him, and as a result, everyone who had addressed for our services became our constant client.
  4. We guarantee the clients full confidentiality of the received data during the cooperation. We are very careful to the questions of our professional etiquette and we do not allow employees to destroy the image of the agency. Moreover, we construct the relations in such a manner that experts who works on concrete object always will receive only that information which are necessary for him for performance of its duties. We exclude any possibility of abuse of power in the process of providing our services.
  5. All our employees, within professional skills, possess various kinds of weapons handling and other specialized resources. And for their  advanced training, we regulary organize trainings and training studies at pulling in firearms. Technical equipment of agency is at a high level.

We offer the highest quality services and satisfy any requirements. The quality of our services is at the highest level, what was confirmed by the numerous positive responses of our clients.